Visit San Kamphaeng

Experience the real Lanna atmosphere
San Kamphaeng hot springs San Kamphaeng hot springs are the most popular tourist attraction in the area.
Muay Thai in San Kamphaeng Do you want to try real authentic and high-level Muay Thai, San Kamphaeng is an excellent choice
Getting to San Kamphaeng There two direct roads to San Kamphaeng, and several transport opportunities.

A quiet and hidden gem outside Chiang Mai

If you are travelling to northern Thailand and would like to experience an even more relaxed atmosphere than Chiang Mai, San Kamphaeng is the place to go.

Going from the city centre of Chiang Mai and about 20 kilometres East, you will enter the small town called San Kamphaeng, it is a quiet town without much tourism, and only a few ex-pats living in the area.

As an example, the Saturday Walking street in San Kamphaeng is smaller and less crowded than the markets and walking street events in Chiang Mai, but in San Kamphaeng, it is a lot cosier.

It is an excellent destination if you want to escape the busy city life and get grounded.

Facts about San Kamphaeng

As a rural district of Chiang Mai located about 20 kilometres east of the northern capital, it provides plenty of the fresh produce used in the big city, vegetables, milk and of course rice production. Handcraft and local manufacturing is also a big commodity in the district.

The word San Kamphaeng in Thai means fortification and refers to the Sankamphaeng Range/Sungumpang Range, a mountain range in Northeast of Thailand separating Thailand from Laos.

The city of San Kamphaeng has a population of around 13.686 people, but it has several towns and subdistricts combining the total population to more than 70.000 people.