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San Kamphaeng Hot Springs – Fresh air, mineral bath, hot water bath, and watch the stars.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs have 105 Celcius degree hot water spouting from the ground rising to 15 meters. There is also brook with mineral water flowing through the garden that has been meticulously decorated in which tourists can sit and relax their feet in the mineral water as you like. There is also a large mineral pool: bath tops, shower room, and a full range of services.

Formerly, this area looked like a meadow, and there was a hot natural stream. The villagers will come to use in clean animals, bathe in the mineral water, and boil bamboo shoots.

During the oil crisis in 1972, the oil was expensive. The government, therefore, looks for alternative energy sources to generate electricity instead of oil. The area of ​​Sankampang Hot Springs became an energy project of the Sankampang Cooperative Village under the Royal Initiative.

From 1972-1983 heat was transformed into electrical energy, but the cost of production became more expensive than the electricity produced by oil or coal.

Tourism Authority of Thailand and village agricultural cooperatives, San Kamphaeng Cooperative, provide support for the hot spring area as a tourist attraction. The total area of ​​75 rai, 120.000 Sqm, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.

22 December 1984, after 1 million baht investment by the tourism authority of Thailand and the Sankampang Cooperative Village Agricultural Cooperative Co., Ltd., which is named “Sankampang Hot Springs”, the area opened for tourism with mineral baths, restaurants, resting kiosks, places to sell flowers and ornamental souvenirs.

During regional changes, the location of Sankampang Hot Springs now resides in the Mae On sub-district which is adjacent to the current Sankampang district.

Sankampang Hot Springs with a distance of 34 kilometres from Chiang Mai city and be reach in several ways.

If you are travelling from Chiang Mai International Airport Head east On the new Sankampang Road, number 1317, is a convenient route as it is a superhighway. Just keep driving straight, without having to turn anywhere. Keep driving straight. Will take about 50 minutes – 1 hour.


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